Though the galaxy is filled with incredibly advanced weaponry, sometimes the best tool for the job is the old-fashioned, conventional projectile shotgun. “Shotgun” can refer to a broad range of weapons using a multitude of different munitions and mechanics, but they all share the trait of firing multiple projectiles. In general, shotguns are most useful at close range against unarmored targets where they pack a devastatingly powerful punch.


C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun Ranged [Heavy] 10 3 Short 7000 Cumbersome 4, Scatter 4, Limited Ammo 6
Blast Cannon Ranged [Heavy] 9 4 Short 1500 Scatter 2
Flechette Launcher Ranged [Heavy] 10 3 Short 6000 Cumbersome 3, Limited Ammo 4, Pierce 1, Scatter 2
Hand Flechette Ranged [Light] 7 3 Short 1250 Scatter 1, Limited Ammo 8
TriShot Ranged [Light] 5 3 Short 600 Scatter 1

C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun

The Frag Storm, manufactured by the Caelli-Merced Syndicate, is a powerful shotgun designed for use during ship boarding actions. The weapon fires conventional cartridges which are loaded via a port on the bottom of the weapon. Though heavy and often unwieldy, many marines swear by its punishing stopping power and dependable, sturdy design.

Blast Cannon

The blast cannon is the most common scatter firing weapon found in the galaxy. Primarily designed as a personal defense weapon for Imperial engineers who found themselves in trouble behind the frontlines, the weapon does not have exceptional stopping power. However, it more than makes up for this with efficient energy recycling systems allowing for continuous use during a sustained engagement.

Flechette Launcher

Some military minds consider the flechette launcher an archaic weapon unsuited for more modern galactic warfare, but many frontline soldiers who have made use of the weapon or, unfortunately, been on the receiving end of a flechette volley, claim the weapon still has its place on the battleground. The flechette launcher is a simple-looking, boxy weapon which is loaded with flechette canisters. When the weapon is fired, it ejects dozens of razor-sharp flechettes. These flechettes, capable of punching through durasteel, can be dangerous to even heavily armored targets.

Hand Flechette

The hand flechette is similar in size to a standard blaster pistol, but more similar in mechanics to a flechette launcher. The weapon fires small slug projectiles from a magazine in the weapon’s grip. When the projectile is close to its target, it explodes into a shower of small darts. This weapon is tremendously effective against unarmored targets, but the high-tech components of its ammunition make it very expensive to use.


The TriShot is a single-handed blaster weapon firing three blaster bolts per trigger pull. Effective at close range, the weapon first saw significant use during the Clone War.

New Weapon Qualities

Scatter (Active)

Scatter weapons have a chance to strike a target multiple times due to their nature as multi-projectile weapons. Scatter can be activated with two Advantage. When Scatter is activated, the weapon counts as having hit the target again, so the target takes the weapon’s base damage plus Successes. Scatter can only be activated as many time as the weapon’s Scatter rating. For example, a Scatter 2 weapon can only activate Scatter two times even if the attack skill check results in enough Advantage for additional Scatter hits.


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