Sniper Rifles

Sometimes those on the fringe of the galaxy require weapons that can interdict targets at ranges longer than the average blaster weapon is capable of hitting. These weapons, broadly termed “sniper rifles,” include a swath of long-arms intended for striking targets before they even know they are in danger.

Sniper Rifles

C-M “Reaper” Sniper Rifle Ranged [Heavy] 15 3 Long  5000 Limited Ammo 3, Pierce 3
E-11s Sniper Ranged [Heavy] 12 3 Long  2000 Limited Ammo 6
E-11x Ranged [Heavy] 16 3 Extreme  10000 Limited Ammo 1, Pierce 4

C-M “Reaper” Sniper Rifle

The “Reaper,” manufactured by the Caelli-Merced Syndicate, is a relative rarity among long range weapons. Its light weight and advanced long-range optics make it a favorite among freelancers who have the credits to spend on high quality weaponry. The weapon’s high powered bolts allow it only three shots before reloading, but, for most marksmen, this is enough.

E-11s Sniper

The E-11s Sniper is a variant of the standard BlasTech Industries E-11s fitted with a higher powered chamber and better optics. It is most commonly found in the hands of Imperial scout troopers. The weapon lacks the punch of some other long range arms, but its durability in the extreme conditions has led many scout troopers to affectionately call it “the double” referring to the “11” in its technical name.


Seeing the popularity of the E-11s Sniper variant (and with some heavy prodding on the part of the Empire), BlasTech Industries began experimenting with a dedicated sniper platform. The result of these experiments is the devastating E-11x. Trading firing rate for punch, the E-11x can fire only one, powerful shot before requiring a reload. It takes two maneuvers to fully recharge the E-11x.

  1. Love your stuff!

    Just wondering about these snipers. The C-M and E-11x have both higher damage than the E-11s AND pierce, which I guess is fine, but I’m wondering about the necessity of the pierce for these higher damage ones?
    I’m also missing encumbrance values, and perhaps a cumbersome rating for these.

    • Thank you very much for your comment!

      As far as the damage and Pierce values go for the C-M and the E-11x, my hope was to balance these higher values by giving them Limited Ammo. That said, I can see how this might not be enough of a negative given how vague the rules are with regard to limited capacity weapons and the length of time it takes to change out energy cells or what have you. With regard to the Encumbrance values, I originally wrote this back when I only had access to the Beginner’s Game which does not list Encumbrance for items. I eventually got a copy of the Beta Rulebook, and some of the later item entries include Encumbrance values. I’m still working on getting a copy of the official core book and, once I do, will update everything on this site with the appropriate values. Again, thanks for your comment. I appreciate any criticism you or any other readers might have!

      • No problem mate!

        I’m also lacking sorely on the feedback front of my creations.

        Two things:
        First: I’d give the lightest of these encumbrance 2 or 3, and the heaviest 4 – I’m thinking heavy duty sniper rifles needs bipods and bracing and stuff to not get too many penalties.

        Second: If you want to, and I know I’d appreciate some more stuff, I can include some of your stuff in my ongoing catalogue of stuff; although I am going for less detailed named and unique weapons than you are. I’ll probably credit you anyway since some of your stuff here gave me ideas. I am in the process of updating it and adding some NPCs and a location where you can get it all, so my update will take some time to finish up.

        Anyways, thanks for a great blog with new ideas 🙂

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