Fringers are likely to encounter a host of terrifying monstrosities in their travels across the stars, creatures so baleful and predatory that most prefer not to even think of them. One of these creatures is the acklay.

Acklay [Nemesis]

The acklay is a large, crab-like creature from the planet Vendaxa. Standing several meters tall, the acklay is a large, howling mass of teeth and claws. Categorically carnivorous, even a single acklay can strip any biome it is introduced into of other edible creatures. Their aggressive nature makes them favored pets of crime lords and other unscrupulous beings who enjoy bloodsport.


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Perhaps most frighteningly, acklays are capable of employing stealth as well as mindless fury. It has been reported that an Imperial unit moving through acklay territory sent word that they felt they were being watched. The last of these communications ends with a shout of shock before a series of horrific shrieks and screams.

Brawn: 5 Cunning: 2 Presence: 1

Agility: 4 Intellect: 1 Willpower: 3

Skills: Brawl 2, Perception 3, Stealth 2, Survival 2, Vigilance 2

Talents: None

Soak/Defense: 8 / 0

Thresholds: 35 / 15

Abilities: Silhouette 3, Thresher attack (The acklay can spend a Triumph on a successful Brawl check to hit the target twice, dealing double damage)

Equipment: Claws and teeth (Brawl; Damage 15; Critical 3; Range [Short])

Image credits to Wookieepedia.


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