Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Flame Weapons

Intended primarily for use by Corporate Sector elements, Merr-Sonn Munitions’ line of incendiary weapons can also be found in the hands of criminals and scum the galaxy over. Though lacking the range of blaster weapons, the primal fear inspired in most species at the sight of a gout of roaring flame often makes up for it.

Flame WeaponsFlame Weapons Chart

Model CR-22 Flame Carbine

The CR-22 is the smallest of Merr-Sonn’s incendiary line, but its size belies it devastating power at close range. The weapon is fed from a small canister worn by the user. In the case of a catastrophic failure (such as an unfortunate Despair result) these canisters have been known to detonate, engulfing their user in an inferno.

Model CR-24 Flame Rifle

Larger than the CR-22, the CR-24 provides a good compromise between range and portability. Its innocuous, tubular design hides its deadly nature until the trigger is pulled, releasing a torrent of scorching fire.

Model CR-28 Flame Cannon

Though technically considered a member of the CR incendiary line, the 28 is an entirely different animal. Intended for use as a vehicle or tripod mounted weapon, the CR-28 draws fuel from a large external supply and coats a huge area in searing flame. These weapons are often put to brutal use during crowd control exercises by unsavory governments.



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