Guns Overhead

Though a great deal of the combat that takes place in the Outer Rim is between individuals or small parties, sometimes larger, better funded groups meet on the field. These conflicts are often more complex than the standard street shoot-out or bar brawl and can include mechanized infantry, armored vehicles, artillery support, and even close air support. Often, vehicular elements of these underworld armies consist of rebuilt or re-purposed technology from the Clone War. One of the most iconic, and deadly, such vehicles is the LAAT/x.

Rebuilt Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT/x)

The LAAT first came into service during the early days of the Clone War, serving as a troop transport and anti-ground asset to Republic forces fighting against the Confederacy. The early models of the LAAT were not capable of leaving orbit and instead had to deploy from the ground or from a space-capable ship in the atmosphere.

Though still in limited use by the Empire and other forces across the galaxy, the LAAT has largely fallen out of favor with well-funded government military services. Less than scrupulous, and less than forward thinking, administrations have pawned off their old hardware to make room for the new, and keen-eyed criminals have snapped up the out of date but still very dangerous platforms.

The LAAT variant presented below, generally referred to as the LAAT/x, has been retrofitted to utilize more modern weapon systems and sensor devices, but it is still limited by its original design and lacks trans-atmospheric flight capabilities. Much of the craft’s original transport space has been filled with hardware for running weapons and heavier armor. These gunships are generally fielded in combination with air superiority assets as they deploy with scant anti-air capabilities. The LAAT/x is most useful against armor and hard targets on which it can bring to bear its considerable firepower with catastrophic effect. A LAAT/x, used cautiously and wisely, can turn the tide of a battle.

One of the major improvements that most criminal armies make to their second-hand LAATs is the modification of the craft’s famous wing mounted pinpoint laser turrets to be controlled via remote panel within the main body. The original outboard pod design of the turrets is often found to be too daring, even for hardened mercenaries.

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Hull Type: Gunship

Hull Class: LAAT

Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering

Maximum Altitude: 5 kilometers


1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 4 gunners

Passenger Capacity: 10

Encumbrance Capacity: 30

Cost: 50,000 credits

Silhouette: 3 Sensor Range: Short

Speed: 2 Handling: 0

Defense: 0/0 Armor: 4

Hull Trauma Threshold: 18 System Strain Threshold: 14

Customization Hard Points: 2


Twin Concussion Missile Launchers (Fire Arc Forward; Range Short; Damage 7; Critical 3; Breach 4, Blast 4, Guided 3, Linked 1, Limited Ammo 8)

Two Wing Mounted Composite Beam Pinpoint Laser Turrets (Fire Arc All; Range Close; Damage 10; Critical 2; Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1)

Two Side Mounted Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Port or Starboard; Range Short; Damage 6; Critical 3)

Image credit to Wookieepedia.


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