The better funded forces that the crew might encounter probably have access to more advanced weapon systems than your run-of-the-mill blaster or thermal detonator. One of the more common pieces that unfortunate fringers encounter, or possibly even make use of, is the Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher.

Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher (MPTL-1C)

The MPTL-1C is generally fielded by Alliance forces wherever anti-armor capability is needed. The vehicle itself has a simple design, being little more than a set of tracks supporting a boxy, swivel-mounted turret. The turret sports eighteen launch tubes arranged in two rows of nine. MPTL-1Cs usually fire standard artillery-class proton torpedoes in a parabolic arc, though they are capable of firing a range of ordnance of the same caliber, including incendiaries, smoke shells, and EMP shells. Able to accurately strike a target almost 15 kilometers away, the MPTL-1C is a good compromise between mobility, defense, and firepower.

Hull Type: Mobile Artillery

Hull Class: MPTL

Manufacturer: Loratus

Crew: 1 driver, 1 firing officer

Passenger Capacity: None

Encumbrance Capacity: 20

Cost: 35,000 credits

Silhouette: 3 Sensor Range: Medium

Speed: 2 Handling: -1

Defense: 0/0 Armor: 2

Hull Trauma Threshold: 10 System Strain Threshold: 15

Customization Hard Points: 2


Racked Artillery Torpedo Launcher – note this weapon fires in a parabolic arc and does not need line of sight (Fire Arc All; Range Long; Damage 10; Critical 2; Breach 4, Blast 7, Concussive 3, Limited Ammo 12, Slow-Firing 1)


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