Some beings in the Outer Rim like their weapons to have not only killing power but also versatility. One surefire way to adapt to a “dynamic CQC situation” is a surprise blast from an under-barrel shotgun.

Under-Barrel Shotgun

Under-Barrel Shotgun 2500 2 5

This attachment adds a short barrel under the main barrel of the weapon. This barrel can be manually loaded with a 40mm buckshot shell. When fired, the weapon unleashes a devastating short range blast capable of eviscerating lightly armored targets. This attachment can only be applied to rifle-sized weapons (Ranged [Heavy] weapons).

Base Modifiers: Enables the weapon to fire using the following profile at the user’s choice: (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 12; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Blast 4). Adds Cumbersome 1 to the weapon. The under-barrel shotgun must be reloaded after each use which requires the specialized 40mm shells and a maneuver to complete.

Modification Options: None

Hard Points Required: Two

Cost: 2,500 credits


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