E-11 Arc Caster

The E-11 blaster rifle is the mainline weapon of the Empire’s grunt infantry. The weapon’s reputation for reliability, portability, and ease of repair have made it a common sight across the galaxy, even in the Outer Rim. One of the darker positives of the E-11 is the ease with which it can be modified to be even more deadly. One such variant is the infamous E-11 Arc Caster used by the Empire’s dreaded Dark Troopers.

E-11 Arc Caster

E-11 Arc Caster Ranged [Heavy] 7 3 Medium 4 4
3000 (R) 7 Stun 5

The arc caster is built on the frame of a standard E-11, but most of its internal components, especially its energy cycling elements, are quite different from factory models. Trading a blast charging chamber for an incredibly high powered electromagnetic compressor, arc casters are able to spit a blast of electricity at a target.

The truly awe-inspiring feature of the arc caster variant is its projectile’s ability to “arc” from one target to another. The electrical charge emitted by the caster will jump from the original target to up to four targets within engaged or short range, including allies. The charge deals the same damage even after jumping. The electrical nature of the arc caster’s projectile is especially dangerous to unshielded electronics, especially droids. If a droid is struck by an arc caster, it takes 10 damage as opposed to the listed 7.


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