The Sound and the Fury

All kinds of weapons from a host of manufacturers and makers find their way to the vast black markets of the Outer Rim. One of the more unconventional, and therefore expensive, such illegal arms is the Geonosian sonic blaster.

Geonosian Sonic Blaster

Geonosian Sonic Blaster Ranged [Heavy] 9 2 Medium 4 3
900 (R) 7 Blast 2, Concussive 2, Disorient 2

Sound based technology has a long history on Geonosis, and the sonic blaster represents the pinnacle of such technology in its application as a being-portable infantry weapon. The mechanisms that actually produce the sonic projectile fired from the weapon are extremely complex and have not yet been replicated by any other species. Put simply, the cylindrical resonation chamber at the core of the weapon houses a matrix of perfectly aligned vibration engines. When these engines are activated, they produce an extraordinarily powerful sound bubble that is then fired from the weapon. On contact with a target, the bubble “bursts” and releases an incredibly loud, and deadly, shock wave affecting all nearby targets.

Targets struck directly by a sonic blaster are often shredded by the immense pressure of the sound waves. Those that survive the initial strike find themselves dazed and deafened by the piercing wail of the detonation.

The weapon’s gruesome nature makes sonic blasters decidedly hard to find, even in the lawless Outer Rim. However, those with a keen eye for less than above board arms dealers can probably get one for more than a bit of a markup.


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