Slug Transducer

Slugthrower weapons are often considered inferior when compared to the many modern blaster arms available on the market, but slugthrowers’ relatively low cost of production and maintenance has kept them in continued production. Regardless of their fiscal sensibility, slugthrowers do lack capability when matched against armored or mechanical targets, such as droids. The slug transducer was designed to eliminate this weakness.

Slug Transducer

Slug Transducer 100 1 4

Slug transducers work by using a transducer to convert hydrogen from the environment into energy which is then transferred to any projectiles leaving the weapon. Transducers use a tightly controlled fissile process to produce this energy, making them quite dangerous if they are poorly maintained or damaged, but many beings still make use them. The super-charged nature of the projectile makes them extremely dangerous to electrical and mechanical targets. This weapon can be attached to any slugthrower weapon.

Base Modifiers: The weapon gains the Ion 1 Quality

Modification Options: 0-2 Damage + 1 Mods, Weapon Quality (Ion +1) Mod

Hard Points Required: One

Cost: 100 credits


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