Armor Attachments

Well funded mercenary groups in the Outer Rim often equip themselves with not only the most advanced weaponry, but also the latest in communications gear. Chief among this equipment is the full spectrum uplink.

Full Spectrum Uplink

Full Spectrum Uplink 1750 1 3

This armor attachment may be installed on any armor and acts as a basic comlink in addition to its more advanced functions. A full spectrum uplink kit includes a comlink receiver and transmitter component, a mounted camera, and an advanced optical HUD. In general, the HUD component takes the form of an eyepiece worn over one or both (or some other configuration depending on species) eyes. All of these elements are linked to an advanced tactical processing unit near the back of the neck. The processing unit takes information fed from the camera and quickly scours the images for important information that it then feeds to the HUD. This includes threat highlighting and warnings.

A single individual with a full spectrum uplink presents an above average threat, but the real utility of this attachment comes when multiple individuals use them in tandem. Uplinks that are connected together are able to work as a group to sort threat information and display potential targets. The units triangulate their individual positions and use information from other vantages to show targets that might otherwise be out of line of sight.

Full spectrum uplinks are very often integrated into combat-grade helmets, but it is also possible to wear them without any kind of headgear.

Base Modifiers: Single: Removes up to one Setback die from any Perception, Surveillance, Vigilance, or combat checks due to target having cover. Linked: As single, and users are able to see all highlighted targets on the network, even those they do not have line of sight on.

Modification Options: None

Hard Points Required: One

Cost: 1,750 credits