Some call the Rebel Alliance a collection of naive fools while others call them noble heroes, but none question the courage and dedication with which the Rebellion’s soldiers combat the dread Empire. First among the Alliance’s infantry units are the daring marines. These soldiers are trained to perfection in order to serve as frontline fighters in ship to ship boardings and planetfall operations. However, for all their expertise and daring, a rebel marine is nothing without their armor.

Rebel Marine Armor

Rebel Marine Armor 0 3 6500(R) 6 5 6

Marines of the Rebel Alliance are known not only for their bravado but also for their ingenuity when faced with overwhelming odds. This is a fortunate trait as Rebel marines rarely, if ever, descend to a planet expecting a fair fight. The armor issued to Rebel marines reflects these characteristics and is designed to be durable, protective, and highly customizable.

Rebel marine armor is almost always greenish yellow in color and marked with the insignia of the Alliance. The armor is composed of a form-fitting body suit covered in a series of interlaced, shaped durasteel plates. The suit is articulated at all joints allowing for a reasonable freedom of movement without sacrificing too much defensive capability. The suit’s helmet is slightly conical in nature, coming to a point a few centimeters behind the crown of the head. The helmet’s appearance has led to marines being derisively called “squid-heads” by Imperial units.

Many Rebel marines take great pride in spending significant time and personal resources on customizing their armor to fit their tastes and unique skill set. These modifications are often the defining factor in conflicts fought with a razor-thin margin for victory. The Rebellion’s marines wouldn’t have it any other way.


In the Outer Rim, even the secure and well protected supply lines of the Empire are not safe from the predations of pirates and raiders. Despite the Empire’s best efforts, such brigands are occasionally able to knock over a supply convoy and make off with its high quality wares to hock on thousands of black markets. One of the most prized pieces of this stolen stock is the specialized armor worn by Imperial scout troopers.

Scout Trooper Armor

Scout Trooper Armor 0 1 3300(R) 3 3 6
Scout Trooper Armor

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The armor worn by scout troopers is very similar in basic design to the plastoid laminate armor of the average stormtrooper. However, it does vary in several important ways. First, scout trooper armor is slightly lighter and provides less coverage; and, second, the former is fitted with an incredibly advanced suite of advanced optics, range finders, and firing solution computers. These modifications make scout troopers a deadly combination of speed, stealth, and accuracy when deployed to the field. They also makes the armor quite popular with assassins and wetworkers.

Like standard laminate armor, scout trooper armor is fitted over a body glove, and can be tailored to protect against exposure in a similar manner. The optics in the helmet act as if the armor had an enhanced optics suite attachment added to it, though this does not count against the armor’s HP limit. Furthermore, the wearer of scout trooper armor gains an additional Bonus die when using the Aim action when equipped with rifle-type weapons.

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