In the course of their careers, a few fringers find that it sometimes helps to heal rather than harm. If the whole group needs a pick-up, then there is no better substitute than a bacta grenade.

Bacta Grenade

Bacta Grenade 100 1 2

“Grenade” is something of a misnomer as this item has no explosive components, but its wide area of dispersion does invite the comparison. A bacta grenade is shaped like a slim cylinder about 12 centimeters in length and covered in a grid of small holes. A simple safety and activator button on the top of the weapon are depressed to engage the grenade. Once engaged, an automatic four second timer starts allowing the user some time to deploy it either by dropping it or throwing it. Once the countdown finishes, a burst of vaporized bacta-stimulant mix is ejected to cover an area with a radius of several meters.

Simply dropping a bacta grenade requires no check, but accurately throwing one needs a successful Ranged [Light] check which varies with range. The ejected vapor has the same effect as a stimpack on everyone, including enemies of the user, within short range of the deployment point. Like a regular stimpack, this effect has diminishing returns across multiple uses and stacks with normal stimpack injections. Like all medical devices, a bacta grenade has no effect on droids or other non-organic lifeforms.